5 Epic Spring Break Staycation Activities For Kids

Before the spring break is over and you know what that means: time for some exciting, action packed activities for kids! The problem is that most kids have already used up their vacation days at school, so many parents are worried about how to keep their children busy. Is it possible to have tons of fun without leaving home? Yes. There are tons of things kids can do that are both fun and educational. So instead of heading out to another tropical island, why not spend some quality time together at home? Look past the normal activities like going to the zoo or the park. Instead, make memories with your children that will last a lifetime by trying these 5 epic spring break activities for kids. 

  1. Go see a show- There are all kinds of shows playing in your area. From plays, to comedy, to music, you can experience something new together! 

  1. Learn a new sport- If you've got a couple of little jocks at home, take them out and teach them how to play golf or tennis. If they're more into something like yoga or pilates? Take them to a class and watch them stretch their way into shape! 

  1. Go ice skating- Ice skating is fun for the whole family, and there are plenty of places where you can go ice skating indoors or outdoors - regardless of what the weather is. 

  1. Make crafts- If you're looking to have some artistic fun with your kiddos, why don't you try making a scrapbook or putting together a memory box? You'll be able to enjoy your time together while creating something that will become a life long memory.

    5. Have a picnic- Pack up some sandwiches, drinks, and other treats in a basket and head outside for a lovely meal in the sunshine! Be sure to bring along some blankets if you think it might be chilly as the sun goes down.

The great thing about these activities is that they can be done both indoors and out, depending on the weather. And they're awesome bonding time for you and your kids. What are some things you've done with your little ones during the break?