How We Got Started 

Bambiya was created to help supplement and satisfy toddlers’ curious minds. As such, we believe that surrounding your children with positive, educational and fun content leads to advanced development.

Our Motivation

Our company is dedicated to providing affordable toys for contemporary parents. The team is passionate about presenting the best possible toys for early childhood educational discovery as well as innovative designs that are bright, colorful, and fun for making childhood memories.


We believe that from the day children are born, they are constantly learning. They learn through using their senses, observing others, and playing. The extent to which they learn is partly dependent on their environment and their interactions with others and the world around them.

We believe that as parents, our role is helping to develop these skills. This is done through observance, interaction, and imagination. We aim to provide the tools that parents need to supplement a well-rounded growth experience for discovery and development as well as general happiness and fun.