Children's Age-Appropriate Chores

The conversation of household tasks as chores for children is a difficult one to broach. Difficult for the kids because they prefer a world free of chores. Difficult for the busy parent because they know that in order to be successful, they must find the right age-appropriate task, teach the child how to do new chores correctly, and then follow up to ensure the work is completed.

And the truth is that getting kids to help with chores without whining and complaining can be extremely difficult.

The good news is that distributing chores benefits the entire family! Children's responsibility is far more important than we previously imagined. In fact, new research indicates that children who are assigned chores at home during their childhood have a much happier life.

That is one of the reasons why we have compiled the most comprehensive list of age-appropriate chores below!

A routine can help keep things organised no matter what time of year it is...

Oh, my cherished routine!

At my house, routine entails the children beginning a new batch of daily household chores.

CHORES, indeed.

I believe the word itself has a negative connotation, which is unjust! I am a firm believer that every member of the family contributes to the running/maintenance of the household, and each of my children plays a role in this through daily chores. So I don't send them out into the world helpless, they need to experience this sense of responsibility as a life lesson while they are young.


Chores for each of my children change throughout the school year based on their grade and maturity level. As a mother, you understand what your child can and cannot handle.

For example, younger children may require your assistance in making chores enjoyable as they learn to develop these habits. Older children are capable of doing their own laundry.

And I always have to remind myself not to be concerned if they do a poor job on a task. Have patience and demonstrate a good work ethic to them. In the long run, this practical skills lesson will be more important to their lives than clean bathrooms today.

Finally, don't give in to their whining or complaining. It is critical to maintain a positive attitude and to set a good example. My children understand what is expected of them, and I reinforce that with positive reinforcement. The earlier you begin teaching children chores, the more it will feel natural for them to participate in family chores for the rest of their lives.

Here are some ideas for age-appropriate chores for each age group. Remember that you are the best judge of your child's ability.

Toddler Chores (Ages 2-3)

Pick Up Toys (teach them how)

After eating, return your plate and cup to the sink.

Make the bed's covers straight.

Preschooler Chores (Ages 4-5)

Assist in loading clothes into the washing machine/dryer.

Assist in putting away clothes

Take out the recycling.

Place the dishes in the dishwasher.

Elementary Kids Chores (Ages 6-8)

All Preschool and Toddler Job roles

Prepare the table

Dishwashing in the sink

Clean clothes should be put away on their own.

Gather trash from around the house.

I recommend making a weekly or monthly plan for your child's list of simple tasks. The last thing you need is to have to issue specific instructions because you can not really figure out what the kids were supposed to do that day.

I recently discovered that kids benefit from repeating the same task over time because it allows them to truly learn the new skill required for that chore, do it more efficiently, and learn the valuable lessons associated with mastery.