Did you know it was possible to make paper straw bracelets for kids? It is and it’s super fun and very easy.  Making paper straw bracelets is a great craft to do with kids, and it's really quite simple. You can easily create jewelry items with your child or students to wear or use as party favors. Enjoy the process of creating these paper gift crafts and have fun too. The majority of children that go to preschool have a lot of fun activities each day. Most have some sort of art time, while other classes like music and gym also include such scheduling. Paper straw bracelets are among many craft-based items that are popular among young children.

Learning how to make paper straw bracelets is a great way to get your kids excited about crafts. You can use this activity as an introduction to color and pattern, or turn it into a group activity for a birthday party. Use the straws as colorful jewelry for kids, or after the paper comes off, use them as drinking straws. Either way, you've got hours of fun!


- Paper straws (we used striped ones and solid-color ones)

- Scissors

- Tape

- Ribbon or string (optional)

Step 1: Gather your materials. You will need scissors, paper straws, and markers (or colored pencils). If you want, you can also decorate with glitter glue or sequins.

Step 2: Give each kid a stack of straws. Each straw can make several bracelets, so don't worry about having enough on hand.

Step 3: Have the kids start decorating their straws however they like! Encourage them to use lots of colors and go wild with their designs.

Step 4: Once they've finished decorating, cut each straw into 4 pieces of equal length. A decorative pattern will appear on each bracelet section, making it look like there's more than one color in the design!

Step 5: Staple each bracelet section together at the ends to form a loop. You can leave them in this shape or thread them through one another to make links in a chain-like bracelet.

These simple children's bracelets are beautiful! The best part is that because paper straws are so cheap, kids can construct fresh bracelets for different holidays and seasons.