Many adults do not believe they have the ability to be creative. It is difficult for them to think outside the box. Being creative does not have to be difficult, and it is something that can be learned. Helping your children develop their creative side can help them be more creative as adults.

Creative play is essential for your child's growth and development. This can help them learn and develop new skills that they will use throughout their lives. Encouragement of creativity and creative play in your young children can aid in their development.

We encourage creative play at Bambiya. We understand the advantages that creativity can provide for your children and how it can help them develop. This blog will discuss the importance of creative play and how it can help your child's development.


Children are simply being children when they engage in creative play. They are engaging in creative play when they create different scenarios and act them out, or when they use their toys to create a story. While children can play creatively on their own, technology frequently takes over their attention nowadays, which can kill creativity. It is critical that you encourage your child to play creatively and provide them with the necessary tools. Open-ended toys, such as blocks, clay, and other similar toys, as well as arts and crafts supplies, are examples of these tools.


Creative play can aid your child's development in a variety of ways. While many parents believe that creativity only allows children to be imaginative, it can actually aid in all aspects of their development.

Emotional Development

Children can improve their emotional skills by engaging in creative play. Children's creative play often results in them making up scenarios, stories, and other games, which can help them work through feelings and emotions. While children may not know how to express themselves, they may be able to do so through their action figures or dolls. Allowing your child to play creatively is another way to help them explore and express their emotions. Creative activities provide a positive outlet for your child's emotions.

Social Development

Children can also interact with others and learn various social skills through creative play. Your child will be able to learn how to communicate with others and socialise in a fun and unique way if they play dress up or do arts and crafts with other children. Even if your child is playing alone, creative play can teach them how to interact with others. When your child is alone with their action figures, they will most likely have them converse, allowing your child to practise conversation and learn how to respond when speaking with others.

Language Development

As previously stated, creative play allows your child to interact with others through their toys in order to practise conversations. This allows them to expand their vocabulary and improve their communication skills. They will improve their language skills as they play!

Cognitive Development

Through creative play, your child will develop cognitive skills. They will have numerous opportunities to practice problem-solving skills and learn more about language, cause and effect, and various other topics. Creativity can be the doorway to curiosity and curiosity can lead to your child learning more about various topics that interest them. Your young child can develop math, reading, thinking, and a variety of other cognitive skills through creative play and various creative activities. Creative play and various creative activities can assist your child in developing more intellectual skills.

Motor Development

Creative play can also help your child develop motor skills. Arts and crafts, as well as other similar activities, will help your child develop fine motor skills. Your child will be able to practise fine motor skills by cutting paper and using a paintbrush. When your child dresses up or pretends to be a pilot, or when they run and jump around in the backyard, they are improving their gross motor skills. Your child will be able to improve their physical abilities and movements as well as develop motor skills.


As a parent, you can do a variety of things to encourage and stimulate your child's creativity. Continue reading for some entertaining ideas!

Get Them Right Toys

Providing your child with toys that allow them to be creative or do crafts is a great way to encourage creativity. Avoid video games and other toys that take all of the fun out of playing. While some of those toys are fine, try to provide more toys that allow your child to use their imagination.

Bambiya educational toys are just perfect for your little one, not only they encourage creative play but also promote cognitive learning.

Do Arts And Crafts With Them

Arts and crafts are an excellent way to encourage your child's creativity. Rather than selecting and assisting them in one craft, provide them with a large collection of arts and crafts supplies and allow them to create whatever they want. Allowing your child to make whatever they want lets their creative juices flow. If they need ideas, give them a broad concept rather than a specific project. Tell them to invent a new animal, something they wish existed, or something else that will allow them to be truly creative.

Explore Nature

Nature is a one-of-a-kind and beautiful thing. When children are given the opportunity to explore nature and its ever-changing landscapes, they are more likely to discover new things that can help boost their creativity. Pose questions about the great outdoors that they can respond to creatively. Nature encourages children to think and explore, which can help them become more creative.

Allow Them To Be

Allowing your children to spend time doing their own thing without interfering encourages them to think creatively and imaginatively. Allowing your child to be a child is an excellent way to foster creativity. Allow them time to do whatever they want that does not involve sitting in front of a television screen. They will amuse themselves by using their imagination and creativity.

There are numerous advantages to creativity, as well as numerous ways to foster it in your children. Encourage your child to be creative and use their imagination on a daily basis so that they can begin to develop new skills and learn!